ICBH - Copy of the SAPA membership certificate.

The ICBH GROUP, is a registered member of SAPA (South African Poultry Association). We always suggest the customers / farmers that are wanting to buy Fertile Eggs, Day Old Chicks, Pullets or Point of Hens / Roosters buy from a registered breeding farms, hatchery and growing farms, however it might cost a little more, but knowing that your are getting better quality poultry that will make you money and not cost you money.

We also advise customer / farmers to do more research on the company or person, that is selling poultry products. Rather be 100% sure about the supplier,  than loose your hard earned cash to criminals and fraudsters, take time out and go visit the supplier if you not feeling to comfortable with the seller.

If you are buying from anyone saying they work directly or they say they are affiliated to the ICBH Group, We recommend that you visit our website pages called, HEAD OFFICE TEAM or AUTHORISED AFFILIATES, if the person who is trying to selling our products does not have a picture on our website or does not have the same cell number or and official ICBH email address, they are not from ICBH Group Head Office or Authorises Affiliates, it might be a scam. 

All the ICBH company email addresses for sales person/s, starts with the name of the person and nothing else. We request that you ask them send you an email. We do not have GMAIL, HOTMAIL, YAHOO or any other...  (Example of the email kitty@icbh.co.za)