The ROCO Breed

The ROCO breed was bred by ICBH Group's COO, Shane Schoeman (a Chef & Engineer by Profession) 6 years ago when he realized the need to  breed a dual purpose African indigenous free-range chicken, one that would grow fast for meat as well as an exceptional egg layer, laying large eggs. 

Shane's vision, to have a chicken that could survive and strive well in Africa the natural way,  a 'free ranging' chicken breed that would grow on a low cost budget, making the ROCO a profitable breed to farm with.

The ROCO are hardy chickens that survive well eating off the land in camped-off areas, supplementing only some of the feed which will boost growth and increase the laying of eggs.  It is important to keep your  ROCO chickens well maintained and healthy by keeping to a good vaccination program as well good housekeeping. 

ROCO hens lay extremely fertile eggs, the hatch rates are high and produce strong chicks.

The ROCO name is a registered breed,  trade name /trade mark of the ICBH Group (PTY) and the original ROCO breed, can only be purchased from a registered ICBH Hatchery - please take  special care when and from whom you buy this robust breed. 

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