The POCO Breed

The POCO breed is another successful cross-breed, bred by the ICBH Group offering a truly remarkable indigenous free-range chicken that took 4 years to breed, yet again keeping in mind that we wanted a super indigenous free-range chicken that would grow fast, ultimately aiming for a meaty chicken.

The POCO performed so well during our development breeding program records proving fast growth and achieving good weight. The POCO championed as a superb egg layer, laying large and extra-large eggs. The POCO Roosters & Hens grow equally at the same pace, achieving the same weight gains which seldom happens with most breeds.

POCO Rosters & Hens produce high-level fertile eggs with hatchability exceeding 80% and a breeding ratio = 10 hens : 1 rooster. The hens are naturally maternal, taking very good care of her chicks. The roosters and hens are have placid natures, making for a perfect environment for baby chicks and a wonderful garden pet to own.

POCO  chickens love to forage in open areas in the day and return to the coop at night.  As do all free-range chickens, the POCO breed like to perch high off the ground at night. 

The POCO name is a registered breed, trade name /trade mark of the ICBH Group (PTY) and the original POCO breed can only be purchased from a registered ICBH Hatchery -  please take special care when and from whom you buy this passive breed.

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