ICBH introduction to our African Breeds

ICBH Group farms and breeds with none other than the traditional indigenous 'free-range' chickens.

When we talk about indigenous chickens, we talk about the traditional chicken that originates from Africa, the breed that  is now lost due to the cross-over to broilers and the influx of large corporate chicken farming companies.

Remember, back in the day, when we all enjoyed eating a tasty, plump roasted chicken, with loads of nutritional value because the chickens were allowed to forage freely in the open spaces of the farm and back-yards experiencing mother nature's sunshine, windy and rainy weather ? 

The ICBH Group has brought back those ever so popular, plump and flavoursome chickens that so many of us enjoyed at family mealtimes of years past. Currently, customers' retail trends are turning more than ever, towards 'free-range' poultry and produce. Free-range chickens and free-range eggs are healthier, more nutritious with a distinct flavour and taste. 

We have spent years cross-breeding with a few exceptional noted breeds from all of Africa, resulting successfully in sharing  fast growing, multipurpose chickens branded the ROCO, the POCO, the BOCO & the HOCO and at the same time, breeding with the well-known, commercial breeds such ROSS BOILERS, HYLINE and LOHMANN breeds. 

It is highly recommended to buy day-old chicks directly from our hatchery (the ICBH Hatchery & Breeding farm) a farm and hatchery closely monitored and audited by the ICBH Group, always maintaining the highest standards implemented by the ICBH Group, resulting in good quality day-old chicks and guaranteed customer satisfaction.

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 Breed Categories

Every breed, beyond their primary use,  have unique qualities that make them different, i.e. some chickens have special feathers that allow them to survive cold climates, others are more adept when it comes to foraging for their own food, some chickens are good as 'egg layers' and others are known for their 'meat'.

Traditional / indigenous chicken breeds are better known as chickens that come from a specific country or continent. Listed below are a few of the more popular breeds -

Pure Breeds

Ameraucana, Australorp, Barnevelder, Bantam, Brahma, Cornish, Cochins, Holland, Jersey Giant, Lakenvelders, Leghorn, Malays, Marans,  New Hampshire, Orpingtons, Plymouth Rocks, Polish, Rhode Island Red, Sebright, Silkie, Wyandotte

Cross Breeds 

Naked Neck, Venda, Ovambo, Potch Koekoek, Natal Game, Roco, Poco

Hybrid Breeds

Hi-Line, Lohmann, Ross Broiler, Cobb Broiler