Welcome to the ICBH Group!

ICBH GROUP (PTY) (Indigenous Chicken Breeders & Hatcherieshead office is based in Bela-Bela, a town known in Tswana (African tongue) as 'The Pot that Boils' - situated in the beautiful South African Province of Limpopo, Bela-Bela is nestled in amongst the Waterberg Mountains - very well known for the 'hot water springs' and popular for the many five-star wild game lodges. 

The ICBH Group head office grounds are the development and breeding farm with a hatchery that is responsible for the breeding of our very own cross-breeds know as, the ROCO, the POCO, the BOCO and the HOCO. Our breeds are 'fast growing' free-range chickens, reared for meat production, the hens are of our breeds are exceptional large egg layers, all attributes seemly appropriate and suitable for the African climate and markets.

ICBH Group is registered with the South African Department of Agriculture as an 'export breeding and hatchery farm', which allows us to export fertile eggs, day-old chicks, pullets, point-of-lay hens and roosters into the rest of Africa. We at the same time are registered with SAPA (South African Poultry Association)

Our head office farm, is also the provided to our sister companies, ICBH Breeders & Hatcheries with parental breeding stock, and supplies our growers with day-old ROCO, POCO, HOCO, BOCO, BROILER, HYLINE & LOHMANNS fertile eggs, day old chicks and point-of-lay hens to the egg producing and rearing for meat production farmers.  

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